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How To Download Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) Follow Some Steps To Download This Movie.  Step1: Download Telegram App.  Step 2: Search "@free_Movies_web" On Telegram App.  Step 3: Join The Channel. (Free Of Cost)  Step 4: Search The Movie On Search Box Step 5 : Download it. (Download The Movie On Your Device)  Direct Link:

Follow Some Steps To Download This Movie.
Step1: Download Telegram App.
Step 2: Search "@free_Movies_web" On Telegram App.
Step 3: Join The Channel. (Free Of Cost)
Step 4: Search The Movie On Search Box
Step 5 : Download it. (Download The Movie On Your Device) 

Direct Link:

How To Download Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

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How To Download Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) Review:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) Review:

it's about time Harry Potter
I have skimped on talking about Harry
Potter on this channel but since
fantastic beasts and where to find them
is coming out later this year as well as
the fact that Harry Potter and the
cursed child is getting a lot of people
pumped right now now is the perfect time
to review every single Harry Potter
movie this is one of my favorite things
I get to do on my channel I love talking
about older films leading up to a new
one I did it last year with the Star
Wars reviews that was tons of fun I'm
going to do it again right now with
Harry Potter let's get excited let's
build up my catalogue of reviews and
talk about each Harry Potter film
starting with Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer's Stone or the Philosopher's
Stone depending on where you're from I
have vivid memories of walking into the
kitchen at my middle school getting my
lunch then walking into the cafeteria
and seeing so many kids holding Harry
Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in one
hand and eating their food in the other
it's like today in 2016 when you go out
and you see everyone on Pokemon go
trying to catch Pokemon it was like that
back then except with Sorcerer's Stone
it was that huge the book series had a
humongous impact on people and it was
inevitable they would become movies and
in my opinion it is actually my favorite
fantasy world just next to Star Wars
I love the Harry Potter universe I've
been to the Wizarding World of Harry
Potter at Universal Studios it was so
cool to walk through Diagon Alley and
see all those amazing shops that was one
of the most fun experiences in my entire
life so let's talk about Harry Potter
and the Sorcerer's Stone this was
directed by Chris Columbus the man
behind the first two home alone films as
well as the first two Harry Potter films
interesting connection with this shirt
that I'm wearing the score was composed
beautifully by John Williams he made an
awesome theme that still today gets
played through Universal Studios every
single day any kid or adult walks
through there and you hear that awesome
music it brings you back to that
wonderful place this is a universe that
I haven't really discussed that much on
my channel but I did marry the biggest
Harry Potter fan I've ever seen my wife
adores Harry Potter and she has schooled
me on a lot of Harry Potter isms and a
lot of Harry Potter stuff and I knew
eventually I was going to be talking
about these movies so they cast Daniel
Radcliffe as young Harry
Potter now we have the privilege today
of having seen all the Harry Potter
films and we know that that was an
excellent choice but even in Sorcerer's
Stone this kid gave a really good
performance at such a young age Rupert
Grint as Ronald Weasley and melot's anaz
Hermione these three characters and
these three actors are one of the
biggest reasons these films were so
successful but we'll get more into that
as we talk about the other films in
Sorcerer's Stone we got to see these
three characters come together and it's
really a joy to see even rewatching this
film after so many years it brought such
a big smile on my face to see these
three characters meet each other for the
first time they did such a great job
casting this entire film especially Alan
Rickman as Snape who is one of my
favorite characters if not my favorite
character and all the Harry Potter films
you get this great feeling of dark slimy
intensity he just pulled it off so well
and Rickman rest in peace this is one of
your best roles something that surprised
me re watching this movie that I forgot
about is just how much of a slimeball
Draco is I completely forgot how
horrible that kid is this kid is the
worst of the worst and you spend the
entire series absolutely loathing this
kid but in the first two movies in
Sorcerer's Stone in particular this kid
is such a little ass I mean you just
want to take him and slap him on the
flip side Maggie Smith in this movie you
just want to take her and you just want
to sit down and you want her to tell you
a story I said this in my review for
hook that makeup in hook was so good I
always thought she was like 95 years old
and Sorcerer's Stone I was like okay
she's actually she's not granny Wendy
all the time she just has this voice and
this aura around her that just welcomes
you and that's one of my favorite things
about this first Harry Potter film
Hogwarts it made me want to be a wizard
it was like the greatest school you
could go to learning all these spells
and incantations and potions the
Quidditch matches the idea of this
school even being real came from the
mind of JK Rowling and she created such
an awesome universe the introduction to
Hagrid also there are so many scenes
with Hagrid
just make me want to tear up he's just
the greatest lovable giant oath you just
want to squeeze him is just Hagrid he's
so great
Hagrid I love Hagrid so that's me
gushing about the introduction to all
these characters and the fact that they
just got the casting so right that's one
of the best things about Sorcerer's
Stone the behind the scenes work all of
it coming together was just pitch
perfect there are issues with this movie
though it's not a perfect movie it's by
far not my favorite Harry Potter film
it's cool to see all these characters
coming together but there are moments in
the movie where it feels as if it's
meandering a bit there are a lot of
parts of this film that do feel like a
set up movie a lot of exposition a lot
of explaining a lot of here's this Harry
here's this Harry here are these people
Harry here's this thing here's where you
do this and I get it there are obviously
a ton of other books and a ton of other
movies that came out after this but this
movie does struggle with the idea of
telling a story and being one movie
while also setting up a ton of other
movies we've seen that a lot today with
the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe
all types of movies that are always
setting up other movies this film
struggles with that a little bit on
re-watch because the second act does
meander a bit it's a very long film and
after every character is introduced the
film kind of goes through the motions
for a while until we pick up again with
a cave troll sequence which is a lot of
fun and of course the finale with the
chess match and the various challenges
these characters go through and all
three of them have to band together to
use their talents to get out of a really
horrible situation all of that is a lot
of fun but the film does take a while to
feel like it's getting someplace for
instance it takes 98 minutes before the
Sorcerer's Stone is even mentioned and
that's a little long I mean that takes
quite a bit and I get it they got to set
up this world they have to set up these
characters and that's one of the biggest
struggles of this movie because not only
is it trying to be an entertaining movie
it has to set up a lot and that is a bit
of a hindrance upon re-watch all these
years later also the Quidditch sequences
well fun are a bit dated the full human
body CGI just wasn't quite up to par yet
it was a bit Matrix Reloaded he you know
balloon people and it just didn't quite
work and it doesn't really hold up all
these years later which brings me to one
of my biggest praises of this movie the
practical costumes particularly when
they're going to the bank these costumes
are fantastic and it was so nice to see
some practical costume work in this
movie there's a fun sequence in the
Forbidden Forest and my favorite parts
of this movie are those sequences that
are just touching darkness that feel
like hinting at the future of Harry
Potter and the fact that Hogwarts is
going to be a place in which some
serious struggle is going to go down I
love the sequences that hint at that
more dark fantastical element that we
later get in the Harry Potter films and
that's one of my favorite things about
Sorcerer's Stone
is that fantasy element as I said it's
such an inviting movie I love the idea
of this place existing and all these
kids learning magic it's such a cool
fantasy film it's a heartwarming
inviting fantasy film that families can
enjoy and I think Sorcerer's Stone did a
really good job and setting up the Harry
Potter universe while also being an
entertaining movie it's a little off and
on in the second act and it does take a
while to get to that plot really
starting but once that ending hits and
you learn a little more about Voldemort
and you realize some things about him it
sets up the future installments very
well and I love the fact that Harry
Potter comes to this world and is
already famous because he is that boy
who lived who escaped Voldemort the man
who can't be named and it does set up
surprising amount of tension between
Harry Potter and Voldemort despite the
fact that Voldemort basically isn't even
in this movie and that's pretty awesome
I'm going to give Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer's Stone a B+ guys I can't wait
to talk about the future Harry Potter
films Chamber of Secrets is coming up
very soon you guys are the best thank
you so much for watching and if you like
this you can click right here and get
stuck mine eyes

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