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 How Barcodes Work:

This is barcodes in one lesson barcodes
are found on virtually all products that
you see in any store when a laser from a
computer scans a barcode it's actually
scanning through a series of 95 evenly
spaced columns and checking to see if
each one of those columns is reflecting
a lot of laser light or virtually none
computers only understand ones and zeros
so any of the columns that reflect
virtually no light are considered a one
and any of the columns that reflect a
lot of light are considered zero
probably the reverse of what you might
expect so in this example the computer
begins reading the columns from left to
right the first column reflects
virtually no light so it considers that
a 1 the next column reflects a lot of
light so it considers that a 0 the third
column is like the first it reflects
virtually no light so it also considers
that a 1 the fourth fifth and sixth
columns all reflect a lot of light so
they are all considered zeros the
computer continues reading the columns
all the way across the barcode and comes
up with a number that is 95 digits long
full of ones and zeros these ones and
zeros are then grouped into 15 different
sections 12 of these sections are used
for the numbers that you see at the
bottom of the barcode the other three
are used as guards these guards let the
computer know where the barcode begins
and ends and also where the six numbers
on each side begin and end this is
important because the numbers on the
left are identified based upon one set
of codes and the numbers on the right
are identified based upon another set of
codes these codes are different because
the computer needs to know whether it's
reading the barcode from left to right
or whether the barcode is being read
upside down it figures that out based
upon how many ones there are in the code
for each digit the codes on the left
always have an odd number of ones and
the codes on the right always have an
even number of
so if the computer reads an even number
of ones on the left hand side it knows
that the barcode is flipped upside down
and once it reads it it can just flip
the numbers around before processing
them also as an additional error check
all the codes on the left side begin
with a 0 and end with a 1 and all the
codes on the right side begin with a 1
and end with a 0 so in this case we'll
plug in the numbers above and you'll see
that those numbers are the exact same as
the numbers below but what do these
numbers actually mean well the first
number on the left hand side the 0 which
is outside of the actual barcode tells
us what type of barcode this is 0 is a
standard barcode a 2 is a weight item
like fruit or meat a 3 is a pharmacy
item and a 5 is a coupon the next set of
five numbers tells us who the
manufacturer of the product is in this
case it's the Campbell Soup Company the
second set of five digits tells us the
product code which in this case is a 10
and 3/4 ounce can of chicken noodle soup
and finally the last number on the right
hand side is called the modulo check
character and this is another form of
error checking when the computer scans
the barcode and processes the numbers it
means a final way to know that it read
and processed everything correctly so it
performs a calculation and comes up with
the modulo check character the modulo
check character formula is actually
based upon the positions of each of the
numbers at the bottom of the barcode it
first adds up the digits and the
odd-numbered positions and then it adds
up the digits and the even-numbered
positions it then multiplies the
odd-numbered digits by 3 and adds that
amount to the sum of the even-numbered
digits so we'll go ahead and plug in the
numbers from our barcode and we come up
with a final total of 23 we then
subtract the result of this formula from
the next highest multiple of 10 to get
the modulo check character so the next
highest multiple of 10 after 23 is 30
and 30 minus 23 is 7 so we know that we
have read the barcode correctly so now
you've learned barcodes
in one lesson

How To Read Barcodes;

So, when you stop in a store and scan a soda, the beeper beams lasers and the barcode becomes
This thing, though, isn’t free, no, because of these guys.
But enough of that poetry poppycock.
This is the headquarters of the GS1 Organization which basically runs the world’s barcodes.
They’ve created and maintain a common standard of barcode that works anywhere.
No matter if you scan a product at a Tesco in Thurso or a Coles in Canberra, the machine
will recognize what it means thanks to this organization, but here’s how it works.
A normal barcode has 95 bars that are each either black or white.
These first three always look like this, the middle five always look like this, and the
last three always look like this.
That’s to differentiate the different sections.
The remaining 84 bars are split into groupings of seven in order to make twelve sections.
Each grouping of seven corresponds to a number.
For example, this means zero, this means one, this means two, three, four, five, six, seven,
eight, and nine, unless they’re on the right side, because simplicity sucks.
For the groupings of seven on the right, this means one, this means two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, and nine.
Got it?
Good, because the main difference between the codes for numbers on the left and the
codes for numbers on the rights is the number of white bars.
For example, the code for six on the left has two white spaces while the code for six
on the right has five white spaces.
For nine it’s four on the left and three on the right.
You might see a pattern, all the codes for numbers on the left have even numbers of white
spaces, all the codes for numbers on the right have odd numbers of white spaces.
This is so, if the code is upside down, the scanner knows to read the code from the opposite
If it sees the codes with odd numbers of white spaces on the left, the machine knows to start
reading from the right.
But before being able to make barcodes, you need a company prefix because the first bit
of any barcode is devoted to identifying the company that makes the product and then the
first three digits of that identify the country where that company is from.
For example, this cream cheese, which was one of five things in my fridge, starts with
country code 622 which corresponds to Switzerland where the European headquarters of the manufacturer,
Mondelēz International, is.
Each country worldwide has it’s own code, and don’t worry America, you’re still
number one, but also 2 thru 19, 30 thru 39, and 60 thru 139 because big countries need
lots of codes to allow for lots of companies.
After the country code comes the company code, but the number of digits varies.
Basically, whatever space that isn’t filled by the company prefix, with the exception
of the 12th digit, can be used for product codes.
So, the GS1 organization prices the company codes based off their length.
You can buy a ten digit company prefix, which includes the country code, for only $250 since
there are 10 million of them for each country code, but then you would only have one free
digit left so you could only have 10 different products.
Therefore, if you’re a much bigger company you want to have a much shorter prefix.
So, GS1 sells company prefixes as short as six digits but they cost $10,500 since there
are only a thousand of them out there for each country code.
With a six digit company prefix, you can have as many as 100,000 different products.
The product codes, living here between the company prefix and the 12th digit, don’t
really have a common standard so each company can set their own codes.
They all go into a central database so any store worldwide selling this cream cheese,
for example, can know the code.
But then there’s this 12th digit.
This is there to make sure that the scanner read the rest of the digits correctly.
It’s called the check digit.
What you do to calculate the check digit is to add the numbers from all the odd-numbered
positions, multiply by three, add all the even numbered digits, then subtract that number
from the nearest multiple of ten.
Easy, right?
At least if you’re a machine.
If the result equals the final number, the machine knows that it read the barcode correctly.
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